I did not know the first thing about the Medicaid process when my father was going into a nursing home, MDR was there to help us every step of the way.

John C. – Fenton, Michigan

Thank you for taking time to listen to my experience with Dewey. Being that I live in Texas it was so comforting to know Dewey was there for my Mom as she had to make the tough decision to put my father in a long term nursing care. Dewey was very knowledgable about the process and made it very simple for my Mom, otherwise she would have given up and brought him back home to an unsafe environment. Dewey would take calls at all times and never rush us off the line. You won’t be able to truly comprehend how much of a relief it has been to have Dewey help my parents. Thank you for hiring such a great man and thank you for having an organization that helps families in their times of need!

Nikki D. – Frisco, Texas

MDR has been a tremendous help throughout the Medicaid process with my mother. They made the process quick and easy, and were able to get her a timely approval.

Cindy A. – Ann Arbor, Michigan

My mother and I are grateful for your expertise and diligence. We could’t have done it without you.

George M. – Palm Harbor, FL

We were so overwhelmed and confused when mom went to a nursing home. It was such a relief to turn things over to you. It was faster than expected. Super Job.

Inez S. – Clearwater, FL